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Cartard - definition: Someone who constantly argues about cars, but in turn, doesn't actually know anything about cars. A cartard's knowledge of cars usually comes from, but not limited to: useless home video footage on YouTube, trolling the Internet for more false information, a drunken uncle or relative that believes all cars should have 8 cylinders, as he crushes a beer can on his head, that's usually covered by a rebel flag bandana. WARNING: do not engage in automobile talk with a cartard, it is an uphill battle, if you are uncertain if you are in fact dealing with a cartard, look for for these tell tail signs. 1. Drives a turd for a daily driver 2. Asks to barrow money before trying to "talk shop". 3. Brags about a car that's owned by a family member. 4. Constantly throws specs and statistics the are irrelevant. 5. Jobless with a light scent of bong resin.
Dustin: "dude, that car is a piece of shit, it needs forged pistons before I'd even piss on it."
Kory: "Dustin, what are you talking about? You don't even have a license or a job, and the only car you've owned was a terd sandwhich, go smoke another bowl you fucking cartard!"
by DanHalen July 11, 2013
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A driver who consistently makes poor decisions and unsafe maneuvers while operating a vehicle. Someone who lacks common sense and quick reaction time while driving. A bit different from a castard.
That cartard just turned left from the right lane.
by M. Worley September 12, 2009
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a person who knows nothing about cars but talks like they do. they also may insist on things about the car that just arent true.
"oh yeah the fender just needs to be clipped back on it'll take only a sec..."

wow what a car-tard

"oh yeah i uhh put a dodge*cough* engine in my car so i get like 50000 horse power it rocks!"

and again
by Chris Soukas December 03, 2007
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A person whose name is carter but he acts like a total retard,some may think he has tourettes, some may think he is weird, But most people know he's just cartard.
(person 1)Who is that?

(person2)Oh him, his name is Carter we call him Cartard.
(person 1)why?
(person 2) Give him anything pointy and you'll see why .
by kunta cuntay April 11, 2019
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A person who is named carter but acts like a complete retard
why is that guy acting like that ?
He's just cartard you'll get used to him.
by kunta cuntay April 11, 2019
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A person named carter that acts like a complete retard
what is carters problem? Why is she having flashbacks?
That's just what cartard does
by kunta cuntay April 11, 2019
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