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Someone who can make you smile and laugh even when your heart is broken. He'll always be there for you and will always make you feel like your stomach is doing flips just by being there. There's no question about his stunning appearance. Hazel eyes, brown hair, about five' eleven". He wears skinny jeans and usually band shirts. Also he is very talented when it comes to music. He'll know more bands than you do. He can play the guitar, sing like nothing you've heard, and he writes beautiful songs. He's sensitive and he's not a jerk. You absolutely won't regret being with Carrick.
"Have you seen Carrick? He's gorgeous! No wonder Katie loves him so much!"
by Nikki Key June 05, 2009
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Noun: a short form of Carrickfergus, a medium-sized seaside town in Northern Ireland, home to a castle, some decent pubs, and more inbred people than Ballycarry.

Although there are other towns prefixed with Carrick- , it is generally accepted that it refers to Carrickfergus.

There are virtually no shops in Carrick. There are a lot of hairdressers, several banks, two places to get chaps (the Hat Spat and the Castle Chippie) and a shitload of offies. There are also a million places you can get your fuckin head bate in.

There are two roads out of Carrick. The one to Belfast has always got a traffic jam on it. The other one goes to Larne, so obviously there's only ever a load of lorries on it.

Carrick is populated by two types of people: Carrick People and everyone else. Everyone else doesn't want to live there, but they have been shat on from a high height at some stage.
Jonty 1 : here mate wheredyou com fram?
Jonty 2 : Carrick, leeek.
Jonty 1 : Lies ta fuck! My mates fram thur. Ja'no Jonty?
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
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A mixture between the word "carrot" and "dick".A penis that resembes a carrot. it's also a what drunk parents name their ugly children.
"i gave Fred a blowjob last night, but he had a carrick.
by jhjbn,lkj February 17, 2011
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