adj., in a prolonged state of being completely clueless or too high to think straight.
This fool's stuck on stupid.
by Kitteh May 8, 2005
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When someone just doesn't get it, repeatedly;your mind draws a blank for the longest
by A. October 26, 2003
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A person who doesnt know better,alwats says dumb things or does stupid acts.
Fuck that dude is stuck on stupid .ah?
by friskychick September 10, 2016
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when someone is really into someone of the opposite sex and has a blank mind when around that person.
Girl ( boy) you got me stuck on stupid. kind of like you got me twisted in the game and all the cool poitns are out of the window.
by Duke06 March 29, 2004
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When someone repeatedly does the same things over and over again after smoking drugs. Kind of like being retarted
After smoking crack all night, Micki gets stuck on stupid for the longest time
by Mr.Hans March 25, 2018
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A term used to define someone who is stuck in a cycle of endless stupidity when it comes to making decisions. The inability to make good or logical choices.
Sally: So I went back to my boyfriend again...

Joe: Are you stuck in stupid?
by Pherlicious December 14, 2011
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a person who cannot learn, a fool who repeats there mistakes time and again, a person who constantly screws up.
cletus stuck his hand in the wood chipper three times,he,s
in his 3rd year of 4th grade, he,s a frenchfry short of a happy meal.being stuck on stupid cliff put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger
by Terry Lasley. Kansas city Mo. December 14, 2006
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