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a small town in westchester where most kids are either white, rich or an athlete, but mostly all three. mostly everyone vapes and drinks a lot while also getting pretty good grades. The schools are okay and there are like no sidewalks. Everyone wears the same, white and expensive brands like patagonia, lulu lemon, victorias secret pink and vineyard vines. all the kids parents have really nice jobs or owns a family restaurant.
wow, shes really white and is wearing patagonia, she must be from Somers, Ny
by synebee January 13, 2018
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Somers is a town mostly made up of Italians and Irish. They start fights with a bunch of other towns (John Jay, Yorktown, Mahopac). People from somers are naturally very good at football. Their mascot is a tusker and a tusker is an absolute unit. The kids usually spend their time getting in to trouble and having fun.
Oh look their commenting on John Jay Instagram posts calling them fags, they must be from Somers

Somers, NY - A small town in Westchester that breeds athletes
by Duke will do it for you December 28, 2018
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Better than Yorktown PERIODT. First of our school isn't named after some fucking crop. Somers may be known for drugs and losing some sports but at least we know not to be a pussy about it and move on. Somers is mainly white but were not racist like yt. BURN THE CROP AND EAT ASS but most all Somers get rid of thots we don't wanna end up like Yorktown.
Somers, NY better than your schools
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by sadgirlhours24 May 21, 2019
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