A Carol will get along with nearly anyone and always knows what to say to cheer you up. She is a great friend and would never ever betray you. She would care for you no matter what.
A true friend that will stand buy your side. but once you cross her that is it.. a hard worker that is very loyal and will get the job done. a true family person and will protect it with everything she has. Crazy and fun and can be that shoulder when you need it most.
(Usually bisexual or lesbian.)
The name Carol translates to "song of happiness". A Carol is the kind of girl who, once you meet her, she will always be in your heart.
The first time i ever saw Carol, i instantly fell in love. She was the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. That day she was wearing red basketball shorts with a purple sweater and with ray bans and a faux-Mohawk.
by AGD1212 April 20, 2011
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someone originating from eccleshill, a male who likes slipknot and says (8)CAROL!!!(8) alot. Wears titanium earrings, netto reject, rich boy...apparently. mop for head.mosher obv. sometimes associated with crj.
Passmore: i love carol.
Carol: hello friiiiend...
by triangle-ee January 26, 2009
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Carol is sassy and beautiful, amazing and funny, she is also too savage. If she has a brother called Kevin, she would describe him as fun. Carol loves to play outside, and she loves to spend time with her friends and family. She will be your best friend! You would be a lucky person to have a Carol in your life. If you show her this, she would be grateful to you. She´s a nice person and kind-hearted. But don´t get too close, she might get defensive if you say something offensive to her or her friends.
ey, Isn´t that Carol?

Yeah, dude. Carol is amazing!!!
by Alex<3* January 12, 2021
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A good ole fashioned middled-aged country bumpkin with golden blond hair that will light up the room, or on fire whichever comes first. Moisturizing hair is not a priority. She is compassionate, loving, and forevever faithful to those "with her". She quickly transforms into the Queen of Hearts to those "against her", so please steer clear or you might lose your head. Carol's are devoted to the church and can easily be found in any religious institution praying for those who trespass against her.
by headlessman72 March 21, 2010
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Carol is one kinky mother fricker. If you can think it, Carol likes it. She even likes things im sure you can't even think of. Carol is one of a kind ;)
Yo Carol! Get over here beyotch. I'm going to duct tape you to this tiger and fill your belly button with chocolate pudding and insert pickles into your ears at a rapid pace and you're going to like it.
by OnlyTheWorstPerson April 08, 2019
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