what you call a Karen at Christmas
Carol: ok the turkey is dry again
Leon - goes out for cigarette.,..
Carol: oh great. fuck the bird and stink like shit!
by muffmirkin July 21, 2020
What you call a Karen at Christmas
Carol: ok this turkey meat is dry
Leon – goes outside for a cigarette….
Carol: oh great, you fucked the bird now your gonna stink like shit.
by muffmirkin July 21, 2020
Your 93 year old neighbor that bakes cookies for you, and knitted you 15 different sweaters. At the same time the last person that messed with her ended up in prison with 23 broken bones. Watch out for Carol, Shes a Sinner and a Saint
Carol is immortal
by Carl son of Carol December 11, 2019
One who milks the system. See "milks the system". A sense of self entitlement. To use your hard earned dollars to pay for her overly bleached blonde hair.

Carol: I run a Nazi camp. You'd think they'd make me enough money to at least get my hair bleached again.

Koolaid Drinker: Well said Carol, well said
by the republic 93311 March 21, 2010
A character of one of the mods of FNF thats it

also the names of the song of her mod :

Carol roll


idk but for some reason people ships carol with whitty
by JustAFNFfan May 22, 2021
That bitch that breaks people’s hearts and leaves them alone. Has a love-hate relationship with every vro
Forêt de Vin: You left me in a snowstorm where I’m dying, Carol
All the vros and Brendon Urie: what a bitch
by vrolivia December 14, 2019
A Large Product Of Gay Circle Fun When In Need Of Much Satisfaction In The Night
Look At Carol Go!! Ooooo Yeeee
by Loan November 13, 2007