a fake girl that faggots make up to try to be cool even though he is a gay cock sucker. Normally carol is a fake girl who goes to Duke Tip camps and makes out with people with abnormaly sized heads.
Ehh Fuck you guys... Carol
by Carolisafuckingpussy May 16, 2011
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A girl/or guy which is pretty rare
Gets along with mostly everyone and she or he is really shy.And gets played a lot.
via giphy
by AprilguyπŸ‘Œ November 15, 2019
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what you call a Karen at Christmas
Carol: ok the turkey is dry again
Leon - goes out for cigarette.,..
Carol: oh great. fuck the bird and stink like shit!
by muffmirkin July 21, 2020
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A racial slur to describe the Asian people. Excluding Indians of course. It allows you to either talk about or talk to Asian people without them knowing.
Ben: I cant freaking breathe
Kloos: Yeah there is no air in here
Bacon: Its because of all the freakin carols they are smoking up the place. This town has turned into Carol City.
by oot05bacon April 25, 2011
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A sack of shit "friend", who's a leech and will suck the life out of anything that stands still long enough. Usually has bad teeth and horrid breath. Nickname is often Chip or wood chuck.

Also another word for Leech.
Carol is such a leech
by PipeFream February 08, 2010
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A poster child for those unfortunately stricken blind in science-class accidents, Carol didn't wear her safety glasses. Now she doesn't need them.
Poor Carol, lest we forget... Wear your glasses kids.
by kiddokiddokiddo April 11, 2008
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