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home of the best high school on the fukin planet. dumb sluts and "tuff" guys live to smoke weed, cigarettes, and occasionally do crack. known for theyre football and crab cakes. Known enemies of Mahopac NY but everyone knows mahopac blows (trail of tears). retards from outa town say "car-mell" but everyones knows CHS runs shitt
Carmel NY runs shitt
by krew does workk March 25, 2009
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Carmel new your or (carlem, or da 845)
is home to the most badass motherfucking highschool ever. the hole town is run by a giant gang known as the H845 a rapidly growin group of skaterpunks and badass jacked kids, it is said the 99.99% of carmel grads will end up going to Duchess community college. then live in carmel for the rest of there lives. Carmel is hot to the hottest bitches and coolest dudes. they are also better than mahopac whos sucks dick at everything they do.
("Yo i was all up in Carlem yesterday and a gang fight broke up, gat projectiles were flyin all up in that bitch ass nigga")
"Carmel NY"
by JTL the leder of the H845 August 29, 2008
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A town in Putnam County, New York. While it has the outward appearance of a quaint suburban town, it's really a cesspool of drug addicts and petty criminals. The children in the schools are notoriously delinquent. Not the place to be if you are anything other than a straight white christian with a Republican voting record. See the wikipedia article for more.
Billy: "We're in Carmel NY."
Jim: "Can we leave?"
by DontLiveThereEver April 06, 2012
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A town located in Putnam County, New York.
Full of a bunch of low life, scumbag, drug fiends.
People from Carmel think they are hard, but there a bunch of vaginas.
Carmel High School mascot was recently changed to a Rat due to all of the snitch little bitches that run the streets.
If you are from Carmel NY i suggest that you "off" yourself as soon as possible.
Steve- yo Carmel NY has a high suicide rate.

Tom- Yeah, I would kill myself if I lived there as well.

Jack- dude, Justin from Carmel NY just overdosed!

Steve- Figures.
by AMP- Get at me. July 04, 2011
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Located in Carmel you have most kids being like the ones in the definition for Carmel ny with a few nice kids who find themselves surrounded by the creepiest people you could ever meet.
teacher begin your test*u here a car getting stolen in the backround*
someones car is getting stolen
teacher welcome to carmel ny
by Penguin98 December 22, 2012
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