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people that live in the 845 and dont fuck with snitches always has niggas backs no matter what

845 is an area code niggas put for their username on Instagram to let niggas know where their from
usually niggas with 845 in their username fuck with the gansta life they do what they want and dont listen to nobody expect for their real ones
by 845.slangs January 27, 2019
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The 845 area code, used to identify yourself and estinguish yourself as a Hudson Valley/Westchester Resident.

Used to tell where you live.

845 represent all day.
Man 1: Hey Man 2, where you from?

Man 2: I'm from the 845
by pseudonymisalreadyinuse February 18, 2011
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the 845 is a street gang from the pearl riverin rockland county, New York. the 845 consists of eight key members, and several affiliates. the majority of th gang is of irish descent. they're crimes range from robbery to assault. local police beleive the group members to be students at pearl river high school
nanuet student 1: "did you hear about that fight last night in the river?

nanuet studet 2: "yeah man, the 845 broke it up and then kicked that one kids ass, he was dick, he deserved it"

nanuet student 1: "yeah man, those gus are fucking nuts
by sublime...5446 April 21, 2009
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