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carlsbad, california- the students are divided into different cliques:

the cool girls
these girls can be anywhere from freshmen to seniors. they love fucking the jocks and cool kids. they throw stupid parties with shit weed and shit alcohol, and call it a rager. every other group thinks their stuck up annoying bitches.

the cool guys
they are almost all rich, love going to "ragers" fuck the cool girls and look down upon everyone else. but don't worry, they think theyre going to get far in life, yet do shit in school.

the skate rats
dont really come off as being dirty anymore hence the rat, but they still are considered so. a flannel is a must, or a double shirt genx tee and a board to skate places at lunch,while smoking a grit. fighting jocks can be gnarly or pussy depending on the grade.

the surf rats
much like the skate rats, yet different. they chill in the parking lot by state smoking grits and generally causing trouble. most are dumbasses with which their slang consisting of mob, grommet, nug, straight, and trog.

the normal/school kids
dont love school, but dont mind taking on AP statistics, track, and asb. they love face-book and have study group sessions. . the more lively ones act like fuckheads in class.

football jocks
they are alot like the cool kids except they throw a ball. they pull the star cheerleaders and go to "ragers" too. range from poor to to rich with a 3 story houses in a gated community by poinsettia park playing madden 10.
-whad up brah les shred state then hit up grubbys yeah? mob?

-yeah brah fer sure
-hey after i study statistics want to maybe catch a movie?

-oh yeah thatd be so cool

can you tell the difference between cliques now? why yes, yes you can with carlsbad high school
by justsomekidfromcbad October 04, 2009
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