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When a Non-Chav destroys a chav to the maximum, without actually killing the chav.
"Why is that chav bleeding?"

"Oh, he just got carled."
by Unluckyjoe March 27, 2007
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to seek clarification or understanding of a subject only to be dumbfounded by the length and complexity of the answer. The victim is left no wiser than when you they first asked the question, and is left thoroughly confused”

Carl'ed is verb in the past tense, in presant tense it is "carling" and in future tense it is to "Carl"
i asked Tom to explain how he was going to get Tiffany's number and he totally carl'ed me
by Mount Edward May 21, 2018
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The act of being violently murdered over anything less than 20 dollars, such as Carl from Grand Theft Auto does.
Jim: My friend was just killed!

bob: over what?

Jim: I think he got carled

Bob: bummer
by SQUISHYMAN June 13, 2010
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