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Cargument- An argument in a car, usually between Steve McGarret and Danno from the hit CBS show Hawaii Five-0
(In the Car during a cargument)

Steve: (yelling at Danno)
Danno: (Yeling at Steve)
by hawaii five-0 fanatic May 21, 2011
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an argument over which route is the most efficient
*driver turns right*
passenger: WTF ARE YOU DOING?! everyone knows the freeway is quicker
driver: yeah that's why there's so much traffic on the freeway!
passenger: wtf! you're a dumbass, you should've gone on the freeway we're gonna be so late now
driver: i'm sick of always having a cargument with you on the way to parties, we're going home!!
by moleynesh November 27, 2009
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A milder form or prelude to road rage. Two cars alternately sounding horns at each other or drivers involved in arguing through open car windows, especially at traffic lights or roundabouts.
Just had a cargument with a guy at the traffic lights who cut in front of me, arsehole!!
by sigma6 April 16, 2015
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An argument between the driver of one car and the driver of another car. Carguments have been known to escalate into road rage.
Rolling down your window and yelling, "You idiot! What the fuck are you thinking?" is a typical cargument.
by Scarlet518 January 12, 2008
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Fights mostly in a car or vehcile over directions or a disagreement with a backseat driver
holy crap look at all the Carguments in that lane
by MasterMind Grapes November 30, 2009
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