1. a passenger in the back seat of the car who criticizes the driver

2. anyone who offers unwanted advice
Stop being such a backseat driver. You will only make things worse.
by Light Joker December 15, 2005
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a person sitting in the backseat of a car who critcizes the driver's driving.
Who cares if i ran a red light? Stop being a backseat driver.
by Your mom. May 23, 2004
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A person who is sitting in the backseat of the car and is constantly telling the driver what to do.
Hey man you should get in the left lane since your going faster than these other people.
Thanks man, your a good backseat driver and thanks for the tip, I'll get right on that.
by tHe_DarKonE September 8, 2007
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a sex position involving three people, usually two male and one female. one man enters the girl from behind; she is on her hands and knees. this man holds her hair and controls her head on the third person, who receives oral sex.
Let's just say we were drunk, we ran into her ex, and I was the backseat driver.
by 99escapee January 4, 2011
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Someone who has their seat reclined so far back that it appears as if they are driving from the backseat. Usually found in more urban locations.
It bothers me how much of Hartfords citizens are backseat drivers!
by kirasakuya July 4, 2011
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When one inserts a golf club (preferably a wood) into someone's anus.
I heard that Tiger Woods gave that ho a backseat driver!
by The Notorious SJKJ April 26, 2010
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Sexual position:
One person gets down onto their hands and knees while a male comes behind to connect the reproductive organs, the man then climbs onto the back of the person on the floor, using their ears to steer.
"Hey John, how about we try something more interesting tonight?
How about a Backseat Driver?"
by MemeMeister42 November 13, 2016
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