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A girl who is ratchet, but EXTREMELY FUNNY and cute. A really good friend and very trustworthy.
An amazing girl who makes me smile every time you see her. When she's gone you realized that you need to talk to her more.
Really good at singing, and looks cute in glasses and her hair tied in a bun. A person loved by everyone.
Gives really good advice when you need it. Sweeps you off your feet with that smile.
She is just cute, funny, caring, adorable, and beautiful.

by FAVRATCH May 07, 2013
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The word caresse is a mixture of the names Carlos and Jesse. Caresse is always there for you and when you are sad she will be there for you
Hey caresse

Hey what's wrong
Oh nothing

Hey you can tell me
by Raven racer November 29, 2016
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Pretty girl, Caresse’s are very rare and you’re lucky if you come across one. Many girls dislike her but only because they want to be Caresse. A lot of guys like her and want to get to know her but she has her heart set on a particular guy only.
Kye : Damnnnn, look at that girl
Morgan: Must be a Caresse.
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by lilleyahswillbeputtoanend December 11, 2017
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a woman forced into prostitution for Japanese servicemen during World War II
"she wrote a book about her harsh experiences as a caresse woman"
by Kyriaki November 27, 2008
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