To place bare ass on another persons face and rip ass. This gives the feeling of sticking ones head out of a moving vehicle.
Her hair flew back as I bent over and gave her a car ride.
by ncook May 21, 2010
The place to want to relax for 10 minutes then kill yourself the next 7 hours
"Oh my god i love long car rides."

"Please kill me now i have a long car ride."
by Theguinessgirl June 13, 2014
when you have sex in a car will its moving
me and my girlfriend went into a taxi and as it started to move we both decided to do The American Car Ride.
by Frightfuldog November 9, 2009
Someone who never drives anywhere; always has somone else drive because they are either too cheap, too lazy, or just don't want the hassle. Constantly making excuses not to drive while kissing someones ass so they will drive.
Jeff never offers to drive the group to lunch; he always bums a ride from everyone else...he is such a car-ride slut.
by gittarkid7 July 9, 2010
Basically a Nebraska truck ride, with a twist. When someone takes you for a car ride in the ghetto and finds somewhere to rape the shit out of you.
Holy shit did you hear Jamal gave Chester a Compton Car Ride?
by twitch737 January 2, 2010
When someone masturbates while they are driving.

Or riding with someone and masturbating.
How was the ride over?" "It was awesome;)"

Now that was an awesome car ride:)
by jesserella December 8, 2010
It means sex.

It’s a vague reference to the car scene in Titanic when Jack & Rose make love in the back seat of that old Renault (yes I researched what car it was for this to have word variety).

If you want to be less vague & WAY more direct to your desired person of saying this to, you can instead say “Titanic Car Ride”. If wanting something even more vague & secretive, “Vintage Car Ride”.

New phrase invented by me to be secretly dirty ;)
Lora: Wow how’s Jack

Rose: We actually got to go on an Old Fashioned car ride! Cool huh?

Lora: Yeah?

Rose: lol.
by Superjuliam August 22, 2022