Mec, cette fille a chaud.. Passe moi une capote!
by soyonsprecis August 27, 2006
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a guy who is flamboyant or openly gay
"Look at him with his hand on his hip. He's a Capote."
by Agent Starling May 8, 2006
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Pronunciation key: Cah-poh
Taken from the French word for condom, capote; a sheath commonly of rubber worn over the penis (as to prevent conception or venereal infection during coitus); also : a similar device inserted into the vagina
Hey man, my girls here, can I hitch a capot?
by Parusia June 26, 2005
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slang, (noun) french for condom. a direct translation is also, "english hood".
est votre capote anglaise?
by thefrench May 10, 2006
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The act of fishing your poop out of the toilet and throwing it away to people having sex in a car.
John: Dude, Wendy and Kevin got mad at me for applying a Truman Capote on them

Eric: They didn’t like having poop thrown at them while having sex in their car?

John : They most certainly didn’t
by Jigokue April 5, 2019
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Rolling into an isolated rural house at night to stack loot, but the hicks ain't got no dough so you have to pop a cap in them. Based on In Cold Blood, Capote's last joint.
Johnson be pulling a Capote last night; he's gonna end up hangin.
by killah vanillah July 2, 2006
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Être surexciter, être en extase
" OMG, je suis tellement exciter, je vais capoter !"
by Loriana October 10, 2020
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