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To ejaculate with extreme force inside the vagina specifically without a condom. The visual is compared to the exhaust from a shuttle launch, but internal to the female sexual organ.
"He went straight to Cape Canaveral with that chick. Blasted away all up in her."
by Luke99s June 17, 2008
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When a girl is giving you a blow job, silently and in your mind only, you count down from ten when you feel yourself approaching climax. When the count reaches one, scream out, "BLAST OFF" as you violently orgasm and passionately thrust your hips towards her mouth.
Man, I Cape Canaveraled that bitch!
by Benjamin Davis Ridings March 18, 2007
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(v) Flatulence conducted into an upholstered cushion followed by a swift exit of the flatulator to another room; thus giving a gas contrail resembling a rocket being launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Jack and Diane are sitting on their loveseat when Diane suddenly heads for the bathroom.

Jack: "...are you ok?"
*Door Slams*
Diane: (grunting) "Yep, we're good."

Jack begins to smell what Diane dittied all over the place. As he looked towards the bathroom in disgust, he noticed paint peeling off the walls on the way to the bathroom.

Jack: "Damn it Diane, You Cape Canaveraled me again. Now I have to put stainless steel on the walls."
by cjax January 20, 2013
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