When a woman is being pleasured by more than one woman.
"Racheal totally canvassed last night, she was so hot."
by Golden Prophet January 22, 2021
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A chick that one believes to be a virgin thats has the potential to become a Sex Kitten.
"What do you reckon? Blank Canvass or not?"
"Definitely with bee stings and braces, there's no doubt!"
by Bísclâitier August 18, 2006
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To wear a pair of canvas shoe for any occasion or event
Canvassing to work for a comfy and a relaxed day for the feet
by Boom baba June 19, 2018
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Supporting a cause (ideology), politician, or organization (501c3 predominantly) on the internet: clogging up social media and the companies server space. Regardless of the analog format or digital format it all stinks of rotting time and space of unsuspecting. No one really cares about saving the whales or growing organic wheatgrass or going to another person's alma mater in order to support the college to keep the underwater basketweaving program afloat pretending it has a viable career option or worthy investment of your time and/or money.
Rando Internet Mutual Aquantance:
Hey dudes and dudetts for my birthday teaming up with facebook fam in solidarity and to occupy greenpeace diesel barge for oceanic protest of the ancient ritual of Japanese Whaling.

(Forewarning Friend)
Hey broh, watch out for that cat who is a mutual acquaintance wants you to join their cause and protest with signatures from the street corner to start digital canvassing for money from suckers. When you see them at the party this weekend don't engage. Abort Abort.
by foxtrotsrabbitburrows December 23, 2022
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