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Racheal is such a beautiful name! Racheal is an alternate spelling of Rachel (Hebrews) which is Jacob's wife. Racheal's are honestly the most funniest person to hang around with. They are very understanding and a good listener. They are very creative and unique in their own way. Racheal's are looove to talk! Once you get to know a Racheal then you know what she really is. Racheal's only have a few close friends. Racheal's are also sensitive. If you somehow make her upset/annoyed she's definitely gonna say something about it. Racheal's aren't afraid to speak the truth. Racheal's are usually quiet, friendly, gentle, and extremely stunning. If you ever need advice go to a Racheal! They are also open-minded.
"Is that a Racheal? Damn, she's gorgeous!"
"Racheal was very thoughtful."
by aes ! December 18, 2017
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Your gonna be friends with her so long, you won't remember why you were ever friends with her at all! She's crazy...but you love her. She likes to argue...but you love her. You just can't help but make fun of her...and she loves it...sometimes. She loves being teased depending on the person. You can tease her but once she's had enough, she gets really quiet and really sassy. She loves attention though. Don't bring up her looks or her weight, because that gets her really deep on the inside. She is super friendly and loves to talk...I mean she loves to talk! She talks to everyone but only has a few close friends. She can go on and on and on about anything. She's in love with that one boy she knows she doesn't have a chance with and she misses the boy she DID have a chance with. Once you are friends with her, you're just along for the ride. She's a "bad" girl on her own terms and she's trying not to waste the last of her teenage years. She knows she has to face reality soon but is scared and has no idea where to start. When you get to know her, it's hard to forget her. Poor girl, you try and try to get her going on the right path but she is very, VERY hard headed. She knows whats right but she can't bring herself to do it. She says one thing and does another. Overall, she's a genuine person. Hm...Yeah...let's put it that way. She is a GENUINE person.
Hey do you remember what Racheal did last year?

Yeah, man! That girl is SO crazy!
by Panaki November 09, 2012
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A girl name that comes from a greek mythological goddess in the 1800's. Is usually shy, sweet, gentle, and extremley gorgeous.
The Greek Goddess Racheal was the goddess of flowers. It was said that this goddess spent so much time with her garden and her flowers that she became like a flower. It was also said that the Greek Goddess Racheal loved the rain and springtime.
Wow that girl is such a Racheal!
That girl smells beautiful, she must be a Racheal.
That girl is gorgeous, she must be a Racheal.
by flow-rain-powder January 25, 2009
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Crazy ass hoe who loves Jon's. Loves the colour blue so much. Will definitely cheat on Nikki's. Once your friends with this bitch it's ride or die together, there's no turning back. She will drive you to insanity but it's cool.
Girl1: Omg who the hell is that crazy bitch?
Girl2: probably a Racheal
by Hill689 August 26, 2017
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A big bitch with more sand in its vagina than Miami Beach. It usually eats large amounts of food and does nothing at all times of the year.
Did you see Racheal lost on the Biggest Loser last night?
by muddog32 November 30, 2010
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