Cancer is a when someone is more then a bit annoying. Like people who give their mic when they join a call, or that does NEVER leave you alone when you want to be.
Wow that guy duckydxz is so fucking cancer. His whole personality is cancerous.
by Jullezzz79 September 24, 2020
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Something- such as a group or phenomenon -that spreads rapidly and can become destructive.
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by OurVoorAltijd March 29, 2017
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The most innocent of the signs. They enjoy being called innocent, too, and take advantage of it.

They tend to be on the more emotional sides of situations, whether it be crying or inwardly sobbing, their emotions control them.
This Zodiac sign is sweet and means well, but you have to be careful around them. They can hurt you and fight fire with fire, but they'll never admit how much they're hurting. Watch their backs.
Gemini: Why are you crying like literally nothing's wrong.
Cancer, sobbing: in the science documentary a-a penguin (loud sniff) drowned because they lost the hole in the ice...
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by Dead_Memes May 16, 2020
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Fortnite is cancer.

Credit to Leo Kun for the definition.
"Hey I just got diagnosed with a cancer. In the field of Bioligy it's called Fortnite."
by LeekCreamWithBacon January 13, 2021
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cancer also known as Jake Paul is a idiot who makes videos on youtube at one point having millions of subs but then losing it all because they are a fucking idiot
"hi have you heard of that youtuber cancer"
"yea he is an idiot"
"i know he is like Satan himself"
"yea man he deserves to get tons of subs again then lose it all again"
"yea bro that's probs true"
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