When someone is simply a degenerative disease, by the way they interact with others. Some might be cancer due to their lack of coherence, high level of cringe and super annoying. They make you feel so sick because of a cocktail of emotions. All in all, cancer people are simply SUPER cringe worthy beings.
Wow Bobo was talking to me yesterday... It was so cancer
by Matt McJesus December 17, 2017
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You playin rocket league?
Yeah playin the new game mode, wanna join?
No that is cancer!
by Layschippeee February 07, 2021
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Jonny had cancer. When he was sent to the hospital for the he lost count time, the realized he was terminal. No stopping cancer at that stage. (Sigh) Goodbye, Jonny, you were nice
via giphy
by Ultimateidk October 27, 2020
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Cancer is a loving, sweet, considerate, and introverted person. They act tough when really they just want to be loved and be told they are important. They pair mostly with Scorpios or Pisces. Cancers try their best to do everything they can to fit in and act normal when all they want to do is find their true love. When they find that person, nothing else matters besides that.
What’s your sign?

I’m a cancer...
Makes sense
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tiktok. what else do I have to say lol
oh look he’s using cancer app
by mrtootyrole December 28, 2020
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