An icy-hot basted with daddy issues and got wrecked by his mother
KB:( knocking on his door )”GET OUT HERE CANADIAN FLAG
by Fuckboy101akabakuboy April 7, 2019
What Americans attach to their backpacks/suitcases/purses/bags while in Europe, especially France. Used to disguise identity or in hopes that any sort of harassment will be dissuaded. Usually in small iron-on patch form.
Look at that guy with the Canadian Flag...who does he think he's kidding?
by chernobylspice December 12, 2003
a pride of symbol in canada, also a thing americans use to avoid being yelled at, beaten up, or killed(the movie hostel) in Europe
That asshole above me sucks too much to wear a canadian flag on his backpack.
by johnathan keeks December 4, 2006
it is the only flag other than the lebanese flag that uses an actual picture instead of just symbols like the stars and stripes of the USA. in case your interested the lebanese flag has a tree
canadian: my canadian flag is unique it is one of two in the whole world that has a picture
lebanese: well mine is unique it has a picture too.
canadian: fantastic
by canadian and proud of it May 10, 2009
When you are about to cum on a AMERICAN chick you punch her on both cheeks, punch her nose and cum on her face. Thus giving the illusion of a Canadian Flag.
"Yeah i gave kate (american hoe) a Canadian Flag last night."
by MATZ789 July 14, 2009
1) The national flag of Canada. Two vertical red stripes with a maple leaf in the center. Generic and uncreative.

2) Something that American tourists do NOT place on their backpacks when they go touring in Europe. The only people poor enough to afford to travel to another country with backpacks instead of luggage are college students and Canadians.
1) Canadian flags can often be found in general blue-collar trash havens, such as hockey games, wrestling matches, and Montrael.

2) Canadian: "You Americans are hated so much in Europe that you sew Canadian flags on your backpack, eh?"
American: "That'd be a waste of time even if we did it, because they can tell we aren't Canadian by the fact that we are actually wearing clothes that aren't plaid or jean jackets."
by The Sub February 5, 2005