This Canadian bacon taste like ham!

Wait a minute.....{Bites into some ham}

by JakeSAUCE December 12, 2008
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Funny as hell movie, but really stupid, involes America going to a Cold War with Canada to get presidential ratings.
" Imagine your children pledging allegiance to the Maple Leaf. Maynonase on everything. Winter, 11 months of the year. Ann Murray... All day.... Every day"
by Kestrel April 26, 2005
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Used to define one's extraordinary large or thick penis. Originates from the thickness of the breakfast meet it's named after. Meat being another slang for penis.
by justin March 27, 2005
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At the point of climax the man pulls out of the girl's vagina and thus busts his nut on her back allowing it to calcify to a substance. The girl then peels the crusty jizm off of her upper ass and eats it.
Last night i went on a blind date with Judith. After she ate a club sub she told me how much she loves bacon. Naturally i suggested that she try Canadian Bacon; she agreed and told me that it was the best bacon that she had ever tried.
by D. Ross February 13, 2008
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When your in the 69 position and the bitch shits on ur face
Bro i was so not expecting that Canadian Bacon but i took it like a champ.
by Dave Star March 2, 2003
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