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adjective describing an individual who is constantly fucking up, causing fuck ups, or is always in the middle of a fucked up situation

noun-person who is constantly looking like Helen Keller dressed them
Man1: Dude there goes Cory again! Look at him.

Man2: Man, Cory is one can't get right mutha fucker.
by mjp917s November 17, 2010
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erectile dysfunction when being with an attractive woman, due to extreme intoxication or being a closet homosexual
Yo son, Kevin can't get right. His dick was mad soft with that bitch. He drank too much, guy. I mean, he could be gay, son.
by Carl Carlsburg July 10, 2008
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hey, there goes can'tgetright.... we heard about him...
i heard he played all in it and couldn't get up..
by hollister nc April 21, 2003
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A drug dealer's worst nightmare. He cannot seem to reup for the life of him. He's been dry for some period of time and is highly irritated that his plug has nothing to give him.
User: Yo, lemme come by and get the G for $10 aight?

Dealer: man, I'm dry as a desert right now. Imma hit you up when I get some more weed but right now I just can't get right
by Roostin5o June 16, 2018
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