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6 definitions by EricSparks

A Festering Hell Hole is basically any big city nowadays. This term is generally in reference to big cities, and not smaller regions. Basically this term means that the city in question is a hellhole (as the name implies). In other words the city is an absolute disgrace and is made up of crime, pollution, corruption, and basically any term in the realm of “Hell”. Common cities this term is used for are New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Memphis, but the list is much greater than that.
Juan- “Hey man I was wondering are you still going to buy that car down in Memphis?”

Carl- “Not a chance bud. I highly recommend that you don’t take one step into that Festering HellHole of a city, because I’m sure that outcome won’t be good.”
by EricSparks March 11, 2022
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This term has multiple uses. The more uncommon uses are One, in Nascar, the term pulling out is used in reference to when a pussy ass driver pulls out of line and drops to the back usually at Dega or Daytona, and two, this term can also be used in reference to when you are pulling out of parking spot in your car. Makes some sense right? Well honestly on the internet you never know cuz everyone’s a fucking dumbass. But back to the main use of the term pullout. Pulling out is That thing you do when Dick Juice is about to squirt in your Girlfriend. According to school health class this “method” is far from effective, but In my personal experience, it’s 100% effective so I don’t know what the hell they are talking about. So if you don’t want to be forced to pay child support, I highly recommend you do this. However, the only time this method seems to not be 100% effective is when for some reason your dumbass girlfriend doesn’t let u pullout and then you wind up being forced to pay child support for the next 18 years of your life, which takes valuable money away from your Beer Budget. And man when you are cheap person like me, any penny you are forced to spend on something that is supposed to be free and enjoyable, sex, really pisses me off.
Use 1- “Hamlin decided to Pull Out and go to the back of the line to avoid being wrecked.”
Use 2- “The way you Pull Out makes me wish your dad pulled out kid!”
Use 3- “Ya bro, I pulled out just in the Nick of time! I got so lucky I didn’t leave it in for a second longer!”
by EricSparks March 11, 2022
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Basically the entirety of the municipality I reside in falls under this category. Essentially a Libtard is an extreme Liberal that may be as far as bordering on, if not a communist. However this term is generally only used if the person is an extreme liberal, or is making outlandish claims or actions such as claiming the Covid Flu wasn’t started in a Lab, or if the Wall doesn’t need to be competed ASAP.
Kyle- Man look at that libtard still wearing a mask. Actually he is wearing a mask while riding his motorcycle without a helmet on, man our country is retarded!
Christoph- On God bro!!!!
by EricSparks June 7, 2022
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A dick rag can either be a rag that you use to wash or clean your tiny dick. The term "dick rag" my also be used in reference to the rag that you blow you huge load of cum into. This may be after ejaculation while jacking off, or when ur pussy ass girlfriend makes you pull out and cum into one of those dick rags.
Emily- "Honey you need to pull out now! Do you have that dick rag? Jeff- "Oh shit I forgot it honey, I guess I have to cum inside you!"
by EricSparks April 6, 2021
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The term “can” has multiple uses. The first of these is the garbage can. U know those cans that u throw bags of literal or figurative shit into. Another use for the term “can” is a shitter. If you don’t know what a shitter is im sure you can infer from the name. Can may also be used in reference to a beer can. However unless the liquid inside the can is beer, this term is not used.
Julio- “Yo can u throw me a can real quick?”
Adam- “Ya sure
Julio- “Aight im just gonna go hit the can real quick”
Adam- “make sure you throw your can in the can after you get done using the can”
by EricSparks September 13, 2021
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This term has multiple uses. The first of these is a garbage can. The term can is used in this setting very commonly because the word can is in the name stupid. Another use of the word can is a shitter. If you don’t know what a shitter is, I’m sure you can infer from the name. Another common use of the term can is a can with beer inside, however the only time the term can is used is when the liquid inside the can is beer.
Eduardo- “Yo can you pass me a can real quick?”
Al-Ya sure, just make sure you throw your can in the can when your done with it and hit the can on the way out”
by EricSparks September 14, 2021
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