A righteous man who seeks to do God's work.
John was not a pastor, but many considered him to be a man of God because he lived a very righteous life every single day and sought to do God's work in everything that he did.
by BradyS November 24, 2013
One beast of a man, who pulls all the fine tang he wants!
by Dave's Buddies August 3, 2003
An incredibly big deal who doesn't appreciate everone's sarcasm. He's half man, and half god. The word can define many celebrities, such as Charlie Sheen. The word is used sparingly.
Man, that guy Jarrod over there is such a man-god!
by Jgatz108 June 13, 2011
1)Known as half man, half god. It's hyphenated. I checked.
2)Does not tolerate back-sass.
3)A big deal. People know him.
4) known for his constant "winning"
Man, that guy Jarrod is so cool. He's a man-god.
by Jgatz108 June 12, 2011
One who is a legend among ordinary men, is capable of withstanding unthinkable amounts of alcohol without being phased, shows no mercy, and still leaves time to party after a hard day of kicking ass.
Justin is a true man god, kicking the devil's ass like that.
by Mutt613 January 3, 2009