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A Mexican Slang term meaning: Penis, Boyfriend, or Man. Usually used by females as a term of possession. Used in the same way a female would say "my man"
"Hey, we are all going to the party tonight. You should come with your Camote."
by Clepo-USMC December 12, 2006
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A spanish or mexican way of saying yam or commonly refferred to as a sweet potato usually a type of root.some are edible and some are not.a root type plant which you can boil with pilonsillo(A sweet hard candy like substance) and sweetened then eaten plain or with milk
in able to grow a sweet potato you must trim the tops of a yam(camote)and let it soak in water till the roots grow
by vatoloco949 December 07, 2006
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Mexican slang for friend, plural form is camotes, also means homies, homeboys, camaradas, budddies, drinking buddies, but actually means sweet potato.
I'm going out drinking with my camotes. Voy a pistear con mis camotes.
by guardianfirefly March 11, 2015
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