in mormonism, when a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina (or a man's asshole), but doesn't move it around.
josh and cj were spraying each other with ginger ale after the big victory. soon, it became apparent that josh was attracted to cj. after taking him out to the straight-edge bowling extravaganza and treating him to pizza, josh convinced cj to come home with him to let it soak.
by palin pantyshot October 29, 2010
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To put something off for later that you could do now.
Gina: "Are you going to wash that frying pan with the egg stuck on it?"
Chris: "No, I'm letting it soak. Are you going to rinse the cum off your tits?"
Gina: "No, I'm letting it soak."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary March 16, 2018
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What you say when (1) you're supposed to have washed a bunch of big cooking pots, (2) you don't and just fill them a little with water, and (3) someone asks why the pots have not been washed.
A: Hey! Weren't you supposed to wash all the dishes last night. B: I did except for these, I need to let 'um soak. A: You are so lazy.
by BillyBuggy July 20, 2010
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