Cameron is a name of a boy. It originates from Scotland, therefore is probably Scottish or at least half Scottish. Cameron's are cute and easy to over love. Some may even break your heart. Most of them. And they will end things with you and still continue to hide that they are gay and block you.
"Hey, Cameron keeps looking at me!"
"He's gay lol"
"Don't you see, he's kissing that dude.
by S1.knows.it.all July 22, 2019
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normally a cuteass that'll literally melt your heart.
occasionally sweet but super super goofy.
is literally the king of inappropriate jokes
"yo is that cameron, dude he's thE best bro"
by broseph #7 November 05, 2019
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Cameron is usually a guy's name right? cam is an amazing talented girl named cameron aka cam :P. cams r musically talented and aren't afraid of anything except hurting others. they love innapropriate jokes and just wanna have fun! they pick their friends well. if u know a cam....keep them, they r like the best peeps ever.
by March 03, 2021
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cameron is the cutest guy anyone could ask for. he is super sweet, hot, caring, loving, etc. he prefers to be called cam. he has blonde hair and big beautiful green/ hazel eyes. he loves everyone and he’s very fit. he’s very tall too. he’s a cutie. i could go on about him for days but if i did that it would never end. i love you cameron❤️
girl 1: woahh hes so cute and tall and his eyes are everything. what’s his name?
girl 2: woah girl back off he’s mine. and cameron:)
girl 1: i’m so sorry but he’s just so dreamy
by luciapimentel July 31, 2018
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If he is your crush and you are looking him up on here, this is a sign, ASK HIM OUT!
"Cameron looked good today!"
by teddy the goat November 18, 2020
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A Cameron is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet he’s nice, handsome, playful, and not to mention Camerons have the biggest dicks ever. They have lots of friends are super nice and love to party. They are usually smart too. They can be kinda shy sometimes but they will open up.
That guy is so cute he’s such a Cameron.

I wish I had a Cameron as a boyfriend.
via giphy
by DabOnEmAhaha November 17, 2020
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