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The persona a person takes on when a camera (still or video) is on them. When someone is "in the lime light" and is not themselves. they become shy and are unable to be themselves at the very least.

This person DOES NOT exhibit the "X" factor needed to be successful, entertaining, or "Hot" on camera or in pictures.

The antithesis (polar opposite) of Camera Not is "Camera Hot". Camera Hot is used when someone is working the camera and exhibits adequate performance to entertain at multiple levels.
Wow! did you see that Miss Teen 2007 South Carolina's answer?

Shut Up! I know "like people out there in OUR country don't have maps and I believe OUR education in South Africa and The Iraq and everywhere like such as like our education over here they should help us.. or ah.. we should" are you kidding! that was sooooo funny. She was defiantly Camera Not!

Search: Miss Teen 2007

Boom Goes the Dynamite:

If you don't know, just search Boom Goes the Dynamite.

However, Camera Not can be overcome by just relaxing and taking a few night classes in public speaking at you local community college. :)
by JeffreyLee4Free! August 06, 2009
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