Means you stole something or you took something.
Aye, where'd you get those earrings?
I came up on it at walmart
Ohh i gotta get me some of those
by Licensed to ill January 27, 2011
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1: to win in a situation. (usually involving possessions)

2: to rob some up, or be the beneficiary in a robbery or theft.
1: found a dollar, came up.

2: "yo u see dude with tha iphone, ima rob him" *2 hours later* "whered u get tha iphone" "came up"
by mattxvh January 7, 2009
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When you happen to pass by an unguarded or unattended item of value in your daily routine and swipe it before anyone notices it. Usually sold afterward.
me: Wanna buy an iPod?
guy: Where'd you get it at?
me: Just came up on it!
by Mega Millions March 30, 2010
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To Jack. Also used to explain when you get jacked.
Yo bitch, some fucker came up on my wallet at Tacos Mexico yesterday.
by denTONN August 28, 2006
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stealing or jacking. an euphemism for those words.
i came up on a new iphone 3gs, wan me to hook u up?

that foo came up on a new blackberry that looks exactly like the one u lost bro!
by cotosakra November 8, 2009
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