A lovely market town with an outstanding university for the training of individuals who are destined to work for the graduates of a far better institution.

Students suffer from a terrible inferiority complex, which manifests itself in the form of a penchant for working so hard that they become obsessive and rather ill-tempered.
Oxford Student 1: "I'm off to Cambridge for the day, anybody wish to join me?"

Oxford Student 2: "Sure, I'm up for a bit of slumming!"
by DreamingSpires August 23, 2004
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Cambridge is a place in Massachusetts, and a home to probably the largest concentration of biology-related laboratories in any one place...
biology nerd: I'm going to visit Cambridge tomorrow.

normal person: But you will get lost in the maze of laboratories!

biology nerd: Exactly.

normal person: ...
by QPNC-PAGE July 15, 2011
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Commonly a town’s name but is rarely also a girls name. Cambridge’s are smart, loyal, and are gorgeous inside and out.
β€œDang where can I get myself a Cambridge?”
by lifeisshortmadudes September 20, 2018
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