City outside of Boston, MA. Great town for liberals and socialists, where people voted for Obama by 88% in 2008. A lot to do, not like the suburbs where you have to travel into a place like Cambridge to do something.
High School student from suburbs: Shut up, you think you're so cool from the college town, Cambridge

Cambridge high school student: Funny, you wanna describe what you did last weekend? anything interesting to do in the suburbs?

Suburban student: played on my xbox 360, got a gamerscore of 50,000.

Cambridge student: exactly
by Tom 4 Obama January 11, 2009
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Place where the elite student fraternity can 'mix with the locals' hence their insistance at pushing to the fron of queues, being obnoxious, thinking they are the first people to get arseholed by drinkng more than 2 pints of Stella.
Situtated north of London the Council has been forward thinking in its provision of gerneral amenitites , that is if your a student, on the benefits or an O.A.P. The architecture remains just as it did 300 years ago which is when most of the council members where born.
Many people can enjoy nights out, standing six deep at the bar waiting to get served because the lack of any real decent drinking establishments.
"hey shall we go clubbing in Cambridge?" "Fuck that, lets go to Newmarket and start a fight with some jockeys"
by binsurfer December 11, 2003
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Home to many intelligent people, an annoying university, and bad public elementary schools. 02138 (zip code) is apart of it, which is considered the most opinionated zip code in the world. C's up.
Man, I hate it when people say Cambridge is Harvard and Harvard is in Boston.
by PL December 20, 2004
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1. Home of the fastest runners this side of the universe. Everyone in this town is solid, except for the crew team. People who do crew are pansies.

2. NOT a suburb.
Did you see that kid from Cambridge go by? Neither did I!

Those kids from Cambridge sure would bang out those rotten Somerville kids any day of the week!

I heard the crew team is having a get together. Let's totally crash it and teach them a lesson!
by Ron Pearlman March 19, 2009
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A city north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and home to Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and, of course, the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. The city with the second highest property values on average, second to Manhattan, NYC.
Cambridge is a great place to live for any stage in life.
by Jake Throckmorton May 04, 2005
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1. One of the best universities in the world, home to one of the best libraries in the world
2. Home to the ugliest and fattest female students in the world and the lamest male students this side of Oxford
3. Shit fashion central
4. Strangley overrun with Christians and Campus Crusaders
5. Reviled by the provincial townies
Cambridge is full of fugly birds.
by Ralph Fitz April 07, 2004
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If you go to Oxford university then Cambridge is considered to be 'the other place'.

If you have Anal sex with someone then they have been to 'the other place' aka Cambridge.
"Yeah, that guy totally went to Cambridge with me without asking"
"Maybe he slipped?"
"No, you don't slip that many times..."
"Does Cambridge hurt?"
by lethalandyoung May 16, 2009
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