An amazing beautiful girl who will change your life. When you first meet her, she may try to push you away but, once you get to know her, she’s an amazing person. She will always be there for you and make you smile. She likes to create inside jokes from quotes you hear around her. She will make you laugh even by just being around you. A truly remarkable person and a great Bestfriend.
Kaitlyn: Omg. Have you met the new girl?
Brianna: No. what’s her name?
Kaitlyn: Cambria. She’s so funny.
by pandaqueen0345 June 24, 2019
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Usually a blonde bombshell. She is both beautiful and funny. She's lighthearted and always the center of parties. Guys love her but few can have her. Once they get her they never forget her. She's the kind of girl that will always be the best you ever had.
"Omg is that Cambria over there?!" "The blonde with all the guys staring at her, yea that's always Cambria"
by Maninlove23 October 25, 2011
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A person that can't spell.
Omg is that cambria? She got out first in the spelling bee!
by bfewh bhjfv February 24, 2022
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Cambria's can have any color hair. In fact they usually prefer to express their artistic creativity though their appearance. That being the case even purple hair is not out of the question. Cambria's are known for being attractive eccentric women. Cambria's are usually universally attractive meaning they even illicit attention from even gay, bisexual, and transgendered folks. They can be named after the town in central CA. Cambria CA is known as Pines By The Sea. Wales was once called Cambria. If they wouldn't have changed it Diana would have been known as the princess of Cambria. Cambria is a Gallic word meaning "the people". Cambria is a derivative of Brian meaning "strength". Thus Cambria could be said to mean "strength of the people". Cambria's are known for being both humanitarian's and animal activists.
She's a vegan? What a Cambria! She calls herself an Amazonian-faery-cat? What a Cambria!
by CFrost July 27, 2013
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An amazing girl who will change your life. She's able to make friends with anyone, and loves to make other people happy. She will always be there for you and make you smile. She likes to make inside jokes, and she will make you laugh just by being her. One of the best friends you could ever ask for. 🌷
Hey, heard you went out with Cambria.

Yeah, we got dessert. She's really the best.
by Jake Fowl November 2, 2019
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A car, first made in 1996. Ranges in color
Mostly 5' 7" in length. Made in Florida
I drove my Cambria to school today.
by dipmeisterdos August 21, 2009
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Cambria Kilgannon - a character in the sci-fi stories written by claudio sanchez that form the basis for the concept albums by coheed and cambria.

Wife of Coheed Kilgannon, mother of Claudio, Josephine, Maria and Matthew Kilgannon. Coheed and Cambria, along with Coheed's brother Jesse were the first IRO-Bots, and their coming together triggers the Monstar virus within Coheed (The Beast). Cambria plays the part of The Knowledge to Coheed's Beast and Jesse's Inferno, although the specifics of this relationship are yet to be explained.

Cambria is now dead, along with Coheed, but their stories will feature in the band's fifth LP, which serves as the prequel of the story, and the accompanying comics (The Bag Online Adventures part 1).
"Who are Coheed and Cambria?"
"You mean the band or the characters?"
by Squirrelmam June 4, 2006
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