When someones voice command menu on their phone says "Please say a command," at a non mother friendly moment everyone yells "Call Mom" in hopes that the phone will call the cell owner's mother.
Person 1: Stop hogging that joint.

Person 2's phone: Please say a command.
Person 1+3+4+5: CALL MOM!
Person 2: shit shit shit shit
*scrambles to hang-up phone*
by bongreep November 13, 2011
An alibi for jacking off without being interrupted by a nosy roommate. Often serves as a replacement to fixing a broken lock or crooked bedroom door.
"No, I don't think Drew can come to the pool with us. He's calling mom and you know how chatty they get. We better just leave him alone in his room for the next few hours."
by billyelmo October 5, 2009
Someone takes your stuff.
You respond with,
"Dude, I'm going to call my mom!"
by Jules P. November 29, 2007
An excuse for temporarily leaving a room full of friends, usually to go masturbate.
Hey dude, where did you go just now?

Oh, uh, I just went to the bathroom to call my mom. It's been like 2 or 3 days since I've had the chance to call my mom!
by asdf91 February 20, 2010
When your mom calls you from the opposite side of the house to do a task that she could've done herself.
Dude I had a mom call yesterday, she just wanted me to hand her the remote when it was at her feet.
by Swag monkeys April 10, 2015