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With a guy / girl you like or flirt with . . Cuddleing with eachother or just super close body to body .
Who you tryna be " Caked up " with at the movies ?
by ChyMoney March 29, 2015
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being in the money, bringin' home da bacon, pretty much having a lot of money and being totally covered in it.
damn someday i'll be caked up with all my chains and y'all shut up then!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
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(adj.) So engaged in the act(s) of physical romance as to preclude acknowledging other interests or stimuli.
She still ain't trying to hear her phone, hoochie must be caked up with D'Alfonso again.
by Big Gus Dickus May 21, 2008
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A girl who wears so much make up that it looks as if she applied it by smashing her face into a cake.
Dee's caked-up like a rainbow today.
by ash_26_84 July 25, 2013
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a woman having a lot of make up on.
1. Damn!!!! Beyonce is caked up with that make-up.
A. Alexendria: Girl, I am ready to get caked up.
B. Nicki: Don't worry, let me get the kit.
by ImYaPusha August 09, 2012
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1. To be rich with money, fine women, nice cars and jewelry, usually obtained through sports, entertainment or the drug trade. ex. "Juice came through the block caked up, stuntin' in a new whip!"
2. In a woman, to be large bosommed, with thick thighs and a plump bottom. ex. "Cheryl got caked up over the summer. You see her ass and thighs?"
by Jamal Jones September 25, 2006
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