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One whose seemingly effortless sense of style, elegance, grace and class belies the underprivileged socio-economic reality of their upbringing.
Cassidy: These Pratesi sheets feel like heaven on my skin. They are the perfect final touch in this room.
Jane: What can I say? They called to me. I just listened to what the universe was telling me, and I acted on that.
Cassidy: You're like a regular Martha Stewart. You know, both of you grew up po'trician, she in Nutley and you in Compton.
Jane: That secret better follow you to the grave. No one needs to know I grew up destitute.
Cassidy: My lips are sealed, girl. As long as you keep living this well, no one will ever even guess!
by Matthew Lake April 28, 2007
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A way of visualizing a certain set of risks, throughtfully drawn from the domain of all possible risks, and how they are associated with any given set of plans or circumstances. Imagined topographically, for instance, risks with a higher elevation would have a greater likelihood of manifesting negative consequences than risks at a lower elevation.
The planners of the Iraq invasion failed to fully describe the riskscape, and plan for all possible contingencies, relying instead on platitudes, such as 'we will be hailed as liberators.'
by Matthew Lake April 23, 2007
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The often desperate plight of the smartphone user. Said users are always looking for another hit of electricity to sustain the user's ever-increasing demand for power to support 3G and other intensive battery-draining device activities. Plug seekers can often be identified publicly in airports, coffeehouses or sitting along the walls of conference sessions.
A: Why is Barbara sitting all alone in the corner? Is she being anti-social today?
B: Nah -- she's plug seeking, and it's the only place she could find an open outlet. Another half-hour and she'll be forcibly powered down. Then you'll see anti-social.
by Matthew Lake February 26, 2010
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A documentary that advocates a particular, often strong, stance on an issue -- a film that is both a come to Jesus and a call to action.
George: Did you see Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'?
Dick: It was amazing. Quite the rantumentary, though it lacked some of the passion of Michael Moore's masterpiece 'Fahrenheit 9/11'.
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
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St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Mardi Gras. Those days that seem to, at least for college students, exist solely for the purpose of getting shit-faced drunk, with rituals often beginning as early as morning and continuing throughout the day.
Bob: Dude! I'm so drunk right now. We started drinking every time we see spongebob squarepants, and they are running a Halloween Marathon.
Ted: Happy Alcoholidays!
by Matthew Lake November 01, 2007
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Describes a twinkish guy with an eating disorder consistent with binging and purging. The fabulous male equivalent of bulemic.
I don't know how Kyle eats so much and still looks so good in those Dolce and Gabana low-rise jeans. Sometimes I wonder if he's boylemic!
by Matthew Lake August 11, 2006
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Describes the notion that technological advances (telephony, internet, air travel, etc.) have effectively decreased perceived distance between people such that one's social network can be global and feel local.
I thought when my sister moved to the East coast for college that we'd lose contact, but since we IM every day and talk on the cell phone, it's like she still lives in the house.

That's glocalization, dude!
by Matthew Lake April 01, 2006
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