Having a big booty or when someone’s butt looks fat/ good
Daisy’s caked up!”
“Have you been working out, you’re caked up!”
by SavageWordDict. December 19, 2018
Past tense verb: stole, plagiarized, used another's intelectual property or idea as ones own.

Background: The term comes from the bass music producer duo known as "Caked Up", who are known to steal, or directly mimic, smaller producers' sounds, melodies, and structures, and claim it as their own original work. Two examples of this include stealing sounds from Jackal's "Chinchilla" from November, 2014 and the more recent copied/pasted drop from NIGHTOWLS’ & SPACE RACE’s remix for the deadmau5 & Dillon Francis “Some Chords” contest in May, 2015.
Guy 1: "Dude, check out this sick artwork someone did for my first EP!!!"

Guy 2: "I swear I've seen that before man, reverse image search it, I think you got ripped."

Guy 1: "Shit man, you're right! Some guy did this on deviant art a year ago! He totally caked up!"
by BassFreq May 7, 2015
being in the money, bringin' home da bacon, pretty much having a lot of money and being totally covered in it.
damn someday i'll be caked up with all my chains and y'all shut up then!
by who cares? March 30, 2003
describes the application of excessive amounts of facial cosmetics.
Bitchy friend A: Sophie's facial rosacia is acting up again. She looks like shit.
Bitchy friend B: No wonder she was wearing cake-up when I saw her at the club last night. Not that it helped any.


Look at that bitch. She's wearing so much cake-up she looks like a drag queen.
by Matthew Lake June 10, 2006
With a guy / girl you like or flirt with . . Cuddleing with eachother or just super close body to body .
Who you tryna be " Caked up " with at the movies ?
by ChyMoney March 27, 2015
To stack and save your dollars
i'm workin two jobs. damnit i'm tryin to cake up!
by SherLocke- July 24, 2006
A girl who wears so much make up that it looks as if she applied it by smashing her face into a cake.
Dee's caked-up like a rainbow today.
by ash_26_84 July 26, 2013