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To use a lot of. To do something in abundance or excess.

Or, very drunk/intoxicated.
"I was caining it down the motorway"
"I'm caining The Beatles at the minute, I can't get enough of them!"

"I was cained lastnight!"
by anynymooose January 08, 2012
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The word caining comes from a primitive method of stealing from shops especially ones that sell clothes. The process of caining involves pushing a long bamboo cain through the letter box of the shop you are trying to rob and hooking items (IE clothes) off the rails and by tilting the cain upwards the items slide to the mouth of the letter box where they are easily pulled though. The phrase became associated with the UK drug culture in the mid 90's as caining was an easy way of obtaining money to buy drugs.
The word 'cained' refers to being off your face with the money you made from caining.As the price of drugs like Ecstasy dropped as much as 1/20th of the original street price the need for large amounts of money to buy drugs had decreased and the word is now used as a general term that refers to any state of altered consciousness gained through the use of illegal drugs.
If someone is said to be cained it usually means they have taken so much mind altering substances that they are physically incapable of taking any more.
" were caining loads of pills last night dude..
by Snowy_uk_west February 10, 2006
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To intake large amount of illegal narcotics, traditionally marijuana. To cain means to go above and beyond normal intakes to the amount that will physically challenge you and to do it at a fast pace.
"Jordan cains like a muvaf*ck"
"Right lads facny a caining session?"
"Ben was well cained, puking up solid jelly babies....."
by Garreth Hughes May 27, 2004
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Used to describe an unbelievably attractive member of the opposite sex.
Seeing a sexy chick and in exclamation saying.
"Beasst so tight, how caining?"
by voodoolamp September 06, 2007
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Definition #1: A humiliating act that usually happens in a fist fight with bad blood behind it. When someone falls and the other fighter jump on them placing their knees on there shoulders so they cant hit back. They hit them with their fists or an object repeatedly while asking someone a question.When they answer usually the other man will get off.

Definition 2:While playing a game like mortal combat were you repeatedly combo them so they cant get up, or if they do they cant fight back.You combo repeatedly while asking them a question.
Troy: *punch* "Whats my name!?"
*punch* "Say it!"
*punch* "Whats my name!?"
Billy: Troy! you name is Troy!
Troy: *Punch* "No its daddy now say it!"
*Punch* "Say it!"
*punch* "Whats my name!?"
Billy: "Daddy!"

*2 days later*

John: Damn, dude did you hear the caining Billy got by Troy?
Will: Yea, man he got totally cained so bad messed his face up permanently

by TroyK88 January 02, 2007
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