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Caily, spelled C-A-I-L-Y. Means g-dess of all male beings. By having the name Caily one has power over men that no other women has,Caily can make men melt at her sight.
jake: omg look its caily.
chaz: holy crap!
jake: go talk to her!
chaz: no way bro. shes way outta my league!
jake: shes outta everyones league!
by IRISHfan1234 February 27, 2009
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A shy girl who is never noticed in class...yet does not want to be noticed......She has doubt in her life and that she will never find love and no one will ever find her......I am Caily and i doubt myself a lot.....
¨Who the hell is Caily?¨
by Wolf lover 559 March 22, 2017
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