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Cah; Another term for the abbreviated word Because ( 'cause )
That's not reppin, cah he's a bum hole.
by K-co. July 10, 2008
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acronym for "civic accord honda". username of a misguided young soul on a honda tuner website.
1. alternate definition = "rice"
that giant wing is so CAH!
by jonrichert November 16, 2006
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RI/MA slang for a car, as in an automobile.
by Eric July 19, 2004
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How we say "car" in Boston. We don't say cah if the next word starts with a vowel, it just don't happen. Like "What kind of CAR is this?" Not said CAH
Don't take my fuckin cah, you neva bring it back.
by some polak September 22, 2004
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CAHS (Columbus Alternative High School) is a inner columbus high School that the suburb kids laugh about because it is an alternative school. And the district members take pride on because it is a successful school that is predominantly black. They take pride on their international baccalaureate program, where most of the people in it don't even leave the country anyway, as well as their CAHS Chorale which is just a bunch of singing snobs. Their mascot is the Pegasus which is supposed to symbolize greek mythology or something. CAHS students are usually artsy, nerdy, or straight up insane, since they don't have sports. They often refer to Themselves as CAHSmic Scholars. They usually quote random shit and complain about how poor their school is.
Person 1: What school do you go to?
Person 2: I'm a CAHSmic Scholar
Person 3: Yeah! We're pegasuses!

Person 2: There's only one pegasus, fellow scholar.
Person 1: What the fuck is this shit
Person 3: WHat a piece of work is man
Person 1: WHAT THE FUCK?
Person 2: Oh, it's shakespeare, you wouldn't get it. You're not a pegasus
Person 1: FUck you bro
by jesus.taco.pancakes October 15, 2011
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A term originated in Lowermorland representing , to show when you don't give a fuck about what the person is saying and or for jerky guys to try to look cool.
Annoying Girl: " I have 20 pairs of uggs"
Boy: "CAH!"
by hopelesslydevotedtoyou January 11, 2011
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