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(Pronounced "Cade") A person who constantly has his name pronounced wrong by substitute teachers.
Teacher (doing roll): Is Cay-ed here?
Caed: *Facepalm*
by username-taken November 18, 2011
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Caed is the most sweetest guy you will ever meet. When you first meet a Caed you will want to become more than just friends. He is a smart, charming, handsome guy and you will fall madly in love with him. He can be a somewhat smart alack but in the end that is something you love about him
Friend: Omg your boyfriend is so amazing!
You: I know he is a Caed
by Llama-Queen427 March 05, 2018
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A guy who stares and looks at you all the time because he likes you. He has light colored hair and loves to play sports. He's had to talk to but he thinks of you all the time. He's handsome and if You look him in the eye it won't bother him.
Look it's a Caed
Oh he is cute
by You are October 11, 2016
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