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A sub-clan of Cambell, Caddells are just short on the whiteness scale for albino, but can tan to normal skin tones. Like a Cambell, he tends to consider himself last, and acts with simple pleasure being found in doing nice things, like helping an old woman cross the street. Their most notable aspect is there physical build. Most Caddells are very tall, with few exceptions who, if under 6'1" are usually very nimble and skilled runners. Given their reserved attitude and demeanor, these guys often wind up in some sort of important role or job, often to the concerns of the Caddell himself, who generally prefers being told what to do, rather than doing the telling. These guys are pretty reserved, but make some of the best listeners a girl could possibly need. It's easy to mistake a reserved composure for 'not-careing,' but time and paticence will reveal them to be a second familly when given the chance. They're supprisingly strong when you look at their general skinnyness, and are very passionate whith those close to them, but this takes a lot of building up.
Caddells are known for theirs skills on the grill and can be a welcome relief as they can, in a way, make their own sandwich. Kind-hearted, almost to a fault, they're often seen with other girls that any other guy like them wouldn't go near, and can often forget just who they SHOULD be paying attention too. Of course, this just makes them better for when they comeback, usually with a stupid and silly grin on his face.
Woah! That Caddell just took off!
He's such a Caddell, I can't get a word out of him.
That Caddell is talking to them again?
by superloop January 25, 2012
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