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A very sensitive girl who is easily broken by words. Is a sweet, innocent, beautiful girl who is easily misunderstood. A large pushover that just doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She's got a large heart, and people never seem to realize, that behind that smile, is pain.
She's such a Cadance. A fake pushover.
by Areallycoolguy1738 May 16, 2018
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A sweet innocent girl who doesn’t deserve to be hurt. When someone breaks her heart she never really recovers. She never wants to hurt anyone and it always trying to make everyone else happy. She is also extremely beautiful and usually thick but she doesn’t believe in liking someone for looks, she believes in liking someone for their personality and their kind heart. She also is extremely smart and is well manored but around her closest friends she is a party animal.
That girl is definitely a Cadance, I mean look at that ass!
by OhMyGoshlyness January 01, 2019
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She's the most rude, whorish person you will ever meet. She only cares about herself and can never keep a real friend
Omg your being like cadance!
by Apersonwhoisveryhateful March 22, 2017
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A Girl who is full of herself , thinks she is better than everyone. Is a hoe and never will be a loyal girlfriend. A girl who is very jealous and always acting like a victim. πŸ’―
Bro she act like cadance 😭
by ysnbrandon May 27, 2017
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