To laugh out loud when receiving corny or cheesy jokes. A dry wheeze.

Credited To: Angelina D.
Karen cackles at Joey for looking like a trash can.

I can hear the ants cackling under my crackers.
by slicketygibbedyhibbedyhiphop September 21, 2019
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The laughter of a witch.
Witches cackle when flying across the moonlight.
by Jafar January 20, 2005
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A group of three or more women from connecticut speaking simultaneously at varying volumes.
Damn, the cackle has gathered...
by cgrang March 26, 2014
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1) The act of a large group of women in one room talking and laughing loudly over everyone else.

2) The act of a large group of women bitching together.
The ladies sat at the party and cackled loudly.
by mtothephillips July 5, 2010
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A collective noun for a congregation of white women. They can be categorized into two main types of sub-cackle: presumptuous twenty-somethings and middle-aged divorcees, although other sub-cackle do exist.
The bouncer cringed as the cackle made a series of "whoop!" sounds upon gaining entrance to the club.
by scheissvogel January 30, 2017
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An evil laugh performed by a slightly frightful 9 year old with a plate.
by chickensluvpie February 8, 2009
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