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Cacie is an amazing girl who is soooo absolutely pretty even on her “worst” days. She’s has beautiful and shiny copper colored hair with hints of red and cool brown eyes. Cacie is super nice wants you get to know her and is excepting of most people. She will always stand up for someone who needs it even if she doesn’t know who they are. She doesn’t go quiet when someone is being mean to her friends or anyone she’s around, cacie will always be there for you no matter what and won’t back down for anything. She will also mess up ANYONE who is messing with her or her friends so watch out. Cacie deserves a great friend who will be there to look after her when she needs it. So if you have a Cacie in you life be greatfull, people like her are hard to find nowadays.
Person 1: I just saw this girl stand up for a guy in the halls who was being bullied, it was awesome!
Person 2: oh! That was cacie, yeah she’s pretty cool like that.
by Ididitforyougirl April 02, 2019
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verb. (pronounced Kay-see). The act of Poo-Smuggling, to smuggle a poo.
1. "Ya know what, I think she cacie'd it while she was on the airplane."
by Sir Turd Ferguson December 09, 2006
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