An acronym meaning Calm Your Shit, used when you have a friend who is just going overboard and needs to CYS or calm their shit.
Person 1: Yo bro you actin mad crazy right about now. CYS dawg
Person 2: Yeah I understand that dawg sorry man
by basedgoddes96 July 19, 2011
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Cys also known as Calgary’s Youngest Savages, they brought on the heat at Crossiron Mills when they canned the mall. CYS also has a song “Cys we the best” which slaps
“Yo Jul you hitting up the addy CYS gon be there, it’ll be lit”
“What is CYS”
by QWERTYLZ December 07, 2018
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A gathering of 13-15 year old second generation immigrants (mostly somalian and congolese) who attempt to christen a violent gang facade despite living in the safest city in Canada. Notorious for robbing an apple store where they unloaded bearspray on dozens of innocent bystanders before all belligerents were arrested (and escaped with zero profits). The polar opposite of a true crime organization which glorifies media coverage over actual success in criminal business. A bunch of unsupervised minors that should be shot down in the streets for the dogs that they are. A disgrace to Canadian culture. Also your boy from beaverbrook 6"4 240lb who says cusso all the time made you guys sound so pussy smh.
CYS what a waste of time and a disgrace to true crime organizations. An 80 year old grandpa could lay them out.
by cussomyassfindmeatchinook January 06, 2019
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A shitty annoying way of saying cya, popularized by the League of Legends streamer, Nightblue3. Usually said in Twitch chat, or Internet games, and sometimes said by annoying gamers without a life.

Pronounced See-why- at sign.
/all CY@ lol

Lol trash yasuo CY@

CY@ nerd
by becksuses December 28, 2016
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A way of saying "CYA" popularized by the League of Legends streamer Nightblue3.
CY@ trash can

CY@ you boosted bonobo

CY@ you monkey
by dayblue2 January 01, 2017
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A handsome, kind, loving, athletic, and freespirited person, who may not always have the best idea of a good partner.
He spends a lot of time with his female friends, and will do anything to make you laugh. He also has no filter, so he says some pretty random shit.
'Cy is such a cool guy!'
by verymuchgivingdictionary May 12, 2019
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You don't know him, but his name's Cy. He's just the O'Hare delivery guy. He thinks that trees might be worth a try. So he says let it grow.
O'Hare: Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and... come on, who's with me, huh?
Marie: Nobody.
Cy: You greedy dirtbag!
by XXXXYYYY January 04, 2021
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