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a drinking school with a catholic problem
my sister went to CUA and now she's an alcoholic
by crayons November 29, 2004
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CUA is the acronym for The Catholic University of America—the only Papal affiliated university in the United States. One may find the “CUA” insignia extolled on many of the school’s buildings, athletic paraphernalia, school garments, or even bumper stickers. Also, in the beginning and ending of every school year, the university sporadically spray paints CUA on open plots of grass (why the school chooses to do this is beyond this writer’s understanding); furthermore, the designation CUA is an easier and less embarrassing way of letting someone know you attend The Catholic University of America (which a student, after the inevitable blank stare, will have to explain is located in Washington, DC).
Adult or Friend: So, Joey, now that you've finished high school where do you plan on going to college?

Joey: I'm going to The Catholic Univeristy of America.

Adult or Friend: ....... (blank stare)

Joey: It's in DC.

Adult or Friend: ........ (confused look)

Joey: Fuck I should have just said CUA
by FrustratedCUAstudent January 19, 2011
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