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Din javla hora!
by Dejn April 08, 2004
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Damn, the bar mitzvah boy's family went hard during the Hora. They tried to throw him off his damn chair!
by bb514 April 22, 2012
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A word to describe a horror movie like face eg Voldemort, Freddie Kruger, Leather Face, The exorcist etc

as well as a whore in general
"hey see that chick over there i saw her talk to so many guys"
"yea she looks like a fucken hora"
by realrecongnizereal April 05, 2018
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Hot Off Road Action. Meaning the use of Off Road vehicles such as Motorbikes, Quads, Trikes and Jeeps for pure enjoyment purposes. see for more details.
anyone fancy some HORA this afternoon?
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1.A raw gangsta who is just a raw gangsta
2.Some one who rocks out nuts graffiti
3.Some one who thinks kobes can't dub.
by Sam Huftons July 10, 2008
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