Computer terms, short for "Crash to Desktop." Occurs when you're using a program and it just dies on you, closing out and returning you to your beloved wallpaper.
I was playing the Planetside Beta and must've CTD'd a hundred times!
by Jackson July 23, 2003
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A sland started by ambulance drivers. they use it when your about to die so you don't know it. It stands for Circlin the Drain. Or someone old or really messed up.
'We pull up to this accident and this guy is CTD'
by the old December 7, 2004
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1. Computer Transmitted Disease - A virus that can be transmitted between two computers through a variety of internet courses. Main reasons for infection stem from promiscuity with email addresses, exposed ports, planted through a Back Orifice, forgeting to use the patch, forgetting to use trojan protection and reuse of scumbag spyware applications.

2. Cell Transfer Delay - A delay in transfering inmates from one cell to another

3. Charge Transfer Device - Used to stun someone. See taser.

4. Circling The Drain - Someone who is going to die in a short period of time.
1. Bobby's roommate, Bubba, was less than pleased he had given his computer a CTD.

2. Bobby's problems became a larger pain in his rear when he was notified of his CTD.

3. Thinking quickly, Bobbie grabbed a CTD from a passing guard.

4. Bobby knew he was CTD when Bubba grabbed the CTD and said he had CTD because of a CTD in transfer the system.
by topher June 24, 2004
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Chronic Tabber Disorder. The disorder of perpetually having 8 or more browser tabs open simultaneously.

Side effects may include:
Freakishly slow browser speeds
Internet death
Person 1: "Dude, WHY do you have SO MANY TABS OPEN?!"
Person 2: "I dunno..."
Person 1: "I think you have CTD."
by CTDur December 26, 2013
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In computer terms, "Computer Transmitted Disease" or in other words, a virus.
Oh hell no, i just got a CTD, ghey.
by g3lic June 22, 2004
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Chammak transmitted disease

It is a disease that are transmitted by chammaks in grass areas and areas around dubai and Sharjah, this can be very dangerous and can be fatal for a long term if u think u have this disease please consult a doctor immediately. symptoms is when a person started acting like Arabs but they are not And says yakhi in every sentence, wearing the same hoodies, clothes that are fake and wearing it for the whole week or months.
Chammak: yakhi can I take a bowl

Normal person: no bro I can’t I don’t want to get CTD
by Ghostfacekillaa November 28, 2019
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Unofficial medical acronym for a person who is about to die. The acronym stands for "Circling The Drain". Using this acronym on a medical report, under certain circumstances, can get one fired instantaneously. (There is an official use for "CTD": it really stands for "Carpal Tunnel Decompression".)
Ms. Kendricks, you're fired! You're the one who wrote "CTD" on the coroner's report!
by pentozali February 6, 2006
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