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A document listing the basic rights of humans, what not to do in a war, and the consequences of overstepping the bounderies of the contract. The most famous revision was made in 1949.

It has become a kind of bad punchline on the world stage, like that one smartass kid in school who got his ass handed to him by teacher(s) in front of everyone.
Diplomat: The Geneva Conventions are meant to protect the rights of all people during wartime so that no atrocities can be repeated as those in World War II.

Sensible Adults: So how's that going for you buddy? Because as far as I can see, that paper's done jack shit in recent conflicts.
by seanyboyK January 21, 2016
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Acronym for the popular FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is considered to be a highly competative shooter with high skill margins, objective based gameplay, and multinational acclaim.

Two distict gametypes are present within the game: competative (comp) and casual. Competative is filled with high ranking elitists who will verbally backhand you if you so much as fail to clutch a round. Casual is filled with micspammers, autists, Russians, and basically everything that got deadpooled by the CS:GO Community.
friend: Duuude, you wanna play CS:GO tonight?
me: Sorry man, my date's in 15 minutes.
friend: Well that's just enough to play a casual match!

Immediatly engrossed in the game, and forgetting about that pesky date, my friend and I stay up till 6 AM grinding up to Level 3.
by seanyboyK September 23, 2015
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